Using Layher Allround® Scaffolding allows us to capitalize on the industry standard for modular scaffolding, surpassing standard conventional scaffolding construction methodologies. This system scaffold provides unbeatable adaptability, flexibility and is the scaffolding of choice globally for industrial facilities, chemical plants, power stations, refineries, construction sites and factories as well as shipyards, airfields, theaters, arenas, highway and bridge construction sites.

Our hot-dip galvanized pre-engineered scaffolding, is ideal for demanding applications and where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be used optimally and economically.

By using system scaffolding Scaf-Tech benefits from unlimited versatility. Our adaptable temporary access platforms are specifically designed to address problematic floor layouts and assembly situations inherent in complex architectural features. Installation is accomplished while maintaining compliance and adherence to stringent safety requirements. Our system scaffold’s unique connection technology and unparalleled assembly speed allows our scaffold to be the industry choice for economic, quality modular scaffolding.